2018 Luncheon

On October 16, we welcomed over 1,100 BISON supporters and friends to our Annual Celebration Luncheon. With their generosity, we surpassed our original goal and had a record-setting year raising over $400,000! Capitalizing on our matching program with the Children’s Scholarship Fund, we are able to grow the proceeds by an additional $102,500, allowing us to provide scholarships to over 350 children.

For 24 years, members of our community like you, have allowed BISON to assist over 31,300 low-income children attend schools of their choice via tuition assistance. BISON is successful because it provides a hand up, not a hand out. Our parents struggle to pay a portion of their child’s tuition, knowing that a quality education can open the door to more opportunities and a better tomorrow.

Thank you for providing a “hand up” to BISON Scholars and their families.

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