Investing in the future, one student at a time
Providing a Strong Foundation to our Scholars

In addition to good health and great love, the best gift we can provide our children is a quality education. Since 1994, members of our community have enabled BISON to provide over 41,000 scholarships to low-income children, allowing them to attend schools of their choice with tuition assistance. By offering partial scholarship assistance, BISON empowers parents to choose the school that best meets their child’s needs, fostering a commitment to educational opportunity.

Providing the next step on a child's education formation" or something similar.

This commitment extends to our high school scholarship program, a natural expansion for the BISON Fund. Since 2019, BISON has provided hundreds of BISON K-8 scholars with the opportunity to continue their education at the private high school of their choice. This growth is made possible by generous donors and collaboration with education-oriented foundations. Buffalo’s future relies on our area’s young people, emphasizing the importance of families choosing strong academic institutions. BISON scholarships are instrumental in preparing our area’s learners for high school, college, and future careers, ensuring a lasting impact on our community’s future leaders.

Unlocking Educational Opportunities through Our Scholarship Programs

The BISON Fund offers transformative educational opportunities through its K-8 and high school scholarship programs. Both programs underscore the importance of parental investment, fostering a strong commitment to each child’s education.

What makes BISON Scholarships different?

Partner Schools
Working together for Educational Choice

BISON Children’s Scholarship Fund champions students across 77 elementary and high schools in Western New York’s eight counties. Our dedicated partner schools are integral to our success, and we are honored to collaborate with them in our mission to make quality education universally accessible, regardless of zip code or income level.

Believe in broadening educational opportunities? Join us in making a lasting impact on WNY.

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