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K-8 & High School Scholarships

BISON’s K-8 scholarships utilize a lottery system based on complete pre-application forms, with a deadline of March 15th each year. New families can click ‘Apply Now’ to enter the lottery, and post-deadline applications are waitlisted. Our program follows students from their entry until 8th grade, as long as they remain enrolled and financially eligible. Currently, the maximum award per student for K-8 Scholarships is $2,500. A required minimum family contribution of $500 ensures families share BISON’s commitment to private education. Our high school scholarships are exclusively awarded to current BISON 8th graders through a lottery drawing. Our high school awards are capped at $4,500 per student. With BISON’s expansion to high school, we help families provide a seamless educational journey from elementary to high school for their child.

For our high school program, scholarships are exclusively awarded to current BISON 8th graders through a lottery drawing. Families receiving the annual $4,500 award can use it at any of our area’s private high schools, ensuring a seamless educational journey from elementary to high school for BISON scholars.”


To be eligible for a BISON Scholarship, families must:

Reside within 1 of the 8 counties of Western New York.

Meet income eligibility guidelines (based on percentage of poverty rates)

Have a child entering grades Kindergarten through 8th grade

Meet the admissions requirements at the accredited school that their child wants to attend

How To Apply

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• Resident of Niagara, Erie, Chautauqua, Cattaraugus, Allegany, Wyoming, Genesee, or Orleans county. • Biological parent or legal guardian of a student entering K-8th grade. • Total family income within the chart below. Maximum Income Based on Total Annual 2023 Household Income
Household Size Maximum Allowable Income
5 $94,818
6 $108,756
7 $122,634
8 $136,512
For each additional children add $13,878

New families must complete a pre-application form by clicking the “Apply Now” button. The new applicant deadline is March 15.  Preference is NOT given to early applications; however you must apply by March 15th to be considered. Families applying after March 15th will be placed on our waitlist.

Scholarships are awarded using a lottery from all complete pre-application forms submitted by March 15th. Lottery winners will receive an email with a link to complete a full application in order to receive the scholarship.
All applicants will be notified of lottery results by email after the lottery on March 16th. If you’re not chosen in the lottery you will be placed on our waitlist. Should funding become available, you will be notified by email of your status change.

In your award email there will be a link to complete your full application.

Click on the link and follow the application steps.

You must complete the application by April 15th to retain your award.

Please be sure to include all your income sources including your FEDERAL 1040 tax return, child support, business income, public assistance, food stamps, Social Security income, unemployment insurance, worker’s compensation and financial assistance from family & friends.

Select your school (a complete list is on our website) and contact the school to complete the school commitment form.

After receipt of all the required documents, your scholarship will be calculated. The amount is based on your household size and income, as well as tuition amount.

You must renew annually to continue your BISON scholarship.

Unfortunately, there are always more applicants than available funding. We keep waitlist names for the academic year hopeful that additional funding becomes available. If you are not taken off the waitlist, you will need to resubmit a pre-application form the following year to be entered into the lottery again.

One key component of educational success is parental involvement. Making a financial sacrifice is a strong incentive to becoming, and remaining, involved. BISON Scholarships are a hand-up and not a hand-out. The families are required to pay a minimum of $500 per family.

You are free to transfer your child to another private school. Your scholarship will transfer with you unless you are delinquent with tuition payments or a child is asked to leave. Contact the BISON Fund office if you decide to transfer and will walk you through the next steps.

The scholarship cannot be used for Pre-K. Children must be at least 5 years old by December 31st of the school year for which you are applying and entering kindergarten. Only our BISON 8th grade scholars will have the opportunity to be entered into the high school lottery for the opportunity to receive a BISON high school scholarship.

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